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June Newsletter

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June Newsletter



Happy June everyone, we made it to the halfway point for the year.  For many of us the years started off pretty well, then took a crazy turn and for the last few months has been, well, different.  We had to skip a promotion cycle, learn online classes and how to navigate that world in a whole new way and even find ways to get you all the services you have come to love from us.

Now that school is officially out and summer is upon us, and although we have not been given the green light to completely re-open, I do feel fortunate to be at the state we are at.  Several states are just allowing classes to resume (today) in the limited capacity we started weeks ago, and other states have extended the stay at home orders until late June if not July.  So, while it could be better, it very well could also be worse.


To help everyone out with this new normal, we have ramped up our videos on the association YouTube channel.  Here are several links to videos that I know will help some with training.

Knowledge and Theory - https://youtu.be/_bxtGxd22E8 

Spinning Kicks - https://youtu.be/qGR0mNLqvzE

Double Stick Drills - https://youtu.be/blxeA2dVijE 

Footwork Drills - https://youtu.be/l5NGYdfPup0 

Throws and Takedowns - https://youtu.be/jmoL5KE9R3k 

Kneeling Takedowns - https://youtu.be/tuUxINF290k

Grappling Fundamentals - https://youtu.be/A227zpDdij4

Single Stick Drills - https://youtu.be/eM9ACWZ8I0I 

Hubbad and Trapping Drills - https://youtu.be/qHCE7DphXx8

Self-Defense Wrist Escapes - https://youtu.be/LVTB4Ov5DNk 

There are literally hundreds more on all the areas of martial arts we teach and train.  With more every week.


As we are still not in the clear to resume regular classes here again are the links to register yourself or your child for the limited classes we are offering. 

TFC Jujitsu - https://calendly.com/keishidojo/tfc

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - https://calendly.com/keishidojo/bjj

Filipino Weapons - https://calendly.com/keishidojo/fma-jkd

Fitness Kickboxing - https://calendly.com/keishidojo/fitness



Several of you have been asking about testing, and while we were planning on a virtual test, we decided against it at the time.  We will be doing testing this month both in-person and virtual for those that prefer to stay socially distant.  As it was going to be in March we will be doing appointments and taking limited numbers for those appointments.  The Intent to Promote forms will be going out this week.  We will be sending it via email and for those that come in and want a physical form, we will have those as well.  Remember you must turn in the form by the 12th of June in order to test this cycle.  


We hope and pray everyone is safe and doing well during these trying times, we are here to help and to support our community and members.  If there is anything we can do, please let us know. Stay Safe


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