CV19 Schedule March 16 - 20th

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CV19 Schedule March 16 - 20th


Until the state makes us close, we will be here for our community.  Of course, if you have the ability to keep everyone at home, we highly encourage that, although we also understand not everyone has that option.
We are taking every precaution possible to prevent the spread of the virus.  We are also putting out videos of each training in order to help out those parents and students that wish to train at home.  We have begun a rigorous cleaning process to include wiping down all equipment, the mats after the classes (lunchtime and evening) as well as running our ozone machine every night to purify the air in the gym.  Upon entering the gym, we are having each child wash their hands before getting their cards, or being allowed to step onto the mats.  We have also begun checking everyone's temperature who comes to class.

Also to minimize the risk we have implemented a few new policies for the time being.

  • We pushed the testing that was scheduled for next week to next month.
  • Everyone coming into the gym, must immediately wash their hands, as well as wash their hands after class as well. 
  • We ask everyone to please either drop off your children or to wait in their cars outside the dojo. We are trying to limit the traffic and number of people in the gym.
  • We are going to allow parents to sign out kicking shields for the next few weeks in order to assist with home training. We have already disinfected them and these will need to be returned of course. These will be on a first come first serve basis.


We are trying our best to keep a sense of normalcy for our members while keeping everything as safe as we can.  Please, do not come to class if you feel remotely sick, have a cough or fever.  Finally, we know a lot of things are sold out across Sumter, so as a martial arts family, we are asking people to put into one of our Facebook groups the items they may be in need and are unable to find.  Another member might have extra of an item and we can help each other out during this time of uncertainty.  

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