Martial Arts Program for Homeschoolers!

Martial Arts Program for Homeschoolers!

Starting on February 3rd, Keishidojo will launch its newest program, the Martial Arts for Homeschoolers program!  

This will be our custom Total Fighting Concepts Self-Defense System or more often called TFC Jujitsu program.  With this martial art, your child/children will learn bully prevention, stranger danger, get exercise, gain confidence and meet new friends.  TFC Jujitsu includes self-defense, grappling, striking, throws and takedowns, joint locks, submissions, weapons defense and offense as well as all this is taught in a fun and safe environment with a certified instructor. 

Classes will meet two times per week and will follow the Martial Arts Unlimited Association's TFC Jujitsu curriculum.  This means your child will have the same opportunities as every other member here at Keishidojo for rank promotions, competitions, and awards.  So whether you are hoping to burn off some of the extra energy they have, give them the skills to defend themselves or just want to get them in a program that will boost their confidence, our Keishidojo Kids program is just what you are looking for.

All new members get their first week completely FREE!  So make sure you get your child registered right away as we do have a limited amount of space for this program.

Click the link to register for the FREE week.

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