Online Help

Online Help

Everyone wants to get to the coveted Black Belt, yet the truth is only a very few people ever actually earn the rank of Black Belt.  The problem is all too often the student cannot remember all the different techniques required to pass the belt exams.  To assist all of our members we here at Keishidojo are a member of the Martial Arts Unlimited Association (MAUA).  This is actually something that I (JD Olsen) have used to assist me in attaining several of my black belts with my various instructors.  Teacher helping student

Something that makes the MAUA unique is the fact that people with an active account gain access to an online video vault.  The vault contains videos for the MAUA broken down by program and by rank.   These videos are able to assist the student to study at home as well as on the go.  MAUA is your central source of tools that can help anyone study, review and grow with their training.  

If you are interested in joining the MAUA and take your training to the next level, check out and see just how MAUA can help you.

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