Keishidojo Martial Arts Unleashed Reviews

My son love his karate classes. They start and finish on time which I like very much. I'm really sad that I found this place and we are moving away. I will definitely would recommend this place for kids karate classes.

Jane Robles

The instructor is very knowledgeable on multiple forms of martial arts. Rarely will you find a dojo that actively teaches aikido, jiu-jitsu, karate, and Kali all under one roof. The dojo is also family and military oriented. You cannot ask for a better instructor or dojo.

Steve Arnold

I've had all three of my kids in jiujitsu for 3 months now. (Ages 5, 10 & 12) I only wish there were more teachers and more classes per week. They can't get enough and get so much out of their training. We want MOAR! So happy we found you.

April Romo

Great place to get your roll on. One place to learn a multitude of martial arts.

Dre Santiago

I signed my granddaughter up recently and she LOVES it! She is so excited for the first competition and I can't wait either! My son Dillon Clark has been involved at Keishidojo for over 6 months an is loving every minute. Fantastic facility and staff!

Kimberly Spencer

Great instructors, friendly environment!

Tansy McKenzie McElroy

My daughter started recently and loves it! i've noticed such an improvement on her behavior at home and school. the staff is great and are very good with the kids.

Michele Prindle

There are many things to like about JD and his dojo and why I like it. If you are thinking about studying at Keishidojo, here is what you need to know. First, unlike some dojos, JD provides structure and an established curriculum. This provides a base of knowledge and a focus on progression; a systematic methodology vs a kaleidoscope of random techniques. You not only learn the "dots" but you understand how to connect them. Anyone who has undergone training, in most any form, understands exactly what I am saying here. Second, the people. JD, of course, is personable and genuine. I think a tell tale sign of this is how he works with the young children. I have, from time to time, watched him with the youth class while waiting on mine to begin. He has patience, but also the ability to deliver the knowledge in a very rudimentary form. Perhaps more impressive, is how this desire to make others better is displayed in many of the other students. There are a lot of high school kids in my class; each respectful. More impressive is their desire to be better, and to make others better with them. Determination, goal setting, work ethic, and building others. These are qualities I think are in short supply in today's society; both in the youth and adults. It is good to see this in teens. Both the teens and I appreciate any submission we put each other in. Finally, I have found the BJJ to be very beneficial; especially from a physical aspect. My experience in the military has left me with some lingering back issues which can not be fixed. JD has worked with me to augment how to do some of the techniques to fit my needs. Most importantly, I have found the techniques have provided me a more intuitive understanding of my own bio mechanics and how my body moves. This knowledge can be taken and applied to many other aspects of daily life; transcending beyond the dojo. It has also made my back more structurally sound and resilient. Overall, I highly recommend the programs at Keishidojo. They provide sound knowledge through a structured delivery in an environment fostering success. Well done JD.

Paul Simniok

My time at keishidojo has been amazing ever since I joined back in January of 09. And as I have progressed through the ranks to become an instructor, it made me realize the hard work and dedication that JD Olsen puts into his classes to make them fun and understandable for all. This is a great place for getting your child to start a martial art, or even if you are an old timer and is looking for a new opportunity to hone your skills. 5/5 Great business, and a great instructor.

Connor M

Me and my girls had a wonderful time! Sensei was very patient and wonderful with the kids, and broke everything down to make it easier for those of us who have never participated in these kinds of classes, to better understand how everything worked. Loved the experience and the people were great. Can't wait to participate again and join some classes!

Tiffiny Hajek

I don't even know where to begin. Jonathan started when he was in the 6th grade with karate. He stayed with karate until he got his blue belt. He placed in multiple competitions. He is now training in BJJ and loves it. He has went to many competitions and placed in those as well. He has not always won which made him grow even more. I have seen this school grow over the years and the coaches are awesome. I proudly would recommend this place to anyone. You won't find more dedicated coaches.

Belinda Shields

My munchkin started jiujitsu this past month and he loves it! His instructor has the patience of a saint and takes time to make sure that each student has the proper stance and position for each move. This dojo was the best choice I ever made to go to.

Sarah Rogers

You guys rock... We were very pleased cant wait for more...

Barbara Ann Dorrell

Kids Martial Arts Sumter

My kids love this school. JD and his team of teachers are knowledgeable, patient, and very professional. The fees are reasonable and the facility is A+.

Lawrence A. Jackson Sr.

This place is awesome.

TJ Gunny Timmons

My daughter loves it. I like that they take out the time to show the kids the art form.

Dottie Sweets

Great place to train! The best!

Ronnie Charles Hall Jr.

The best martial arts instruction in Sumter. They offer programs for kids and adults and everyone always is having a great time.

Robyn Cribb

My daughter always has a great time. And it had helped with her confidence.

Leslie Diaz

I have learned that Martial Arts is what you put into it, your Sensei gives you the pieces , but you have to put it all together. Keishidojo is a great place to train and meet new people, I am 42 yrs. Old, and I am doing what I wanted to do as a kid, come and join us.

Michael Marlowe

I am so happy with the school and instructor! !! its worth the drive!

Donnamarie Alsbrooks

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