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  • It's Testing Time Again for our Youth TFC Jujitsu Classes

    It's Testing Time Again for our Youth TFC Jujitsu Classes

    With testing time here once again I know several parents have asked me questions about some techniques. Here are a few links to our YouTube Channel that should answer most questions. Kneeling Takedowns - https://youtu.be/tuUxINF290k Basic Ground Positions - https://youtu.be/ZRohZEsdViY Ground Movement Drills - https://youtu.be/A227zpDdij4 Falling and Rolling - https://youtu.be/NoQXF6c9ts8 Trapping - https://youtu.be/x0aJ9tYYTOQ Heaven Six - https://youtu.be/fUUYIY1I7Ro Basic Boxing Combos - https://youtu.be/WGFpj2tVGoA MMA Four Count Drills #1-4 - https://youtu.be/xyQJ7GW-5os The first Four Kickboxing 4 Count Combos - https://youtu.be/i37DFwnOO88 Tips on Kicking - ....

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  • Ron Balicki is Coming!!!!

    Ron Balicki is Coming!!!!

    This Saturday only Ron Balicki will be back in Sumter to teach three killer areas of martial arts. He will be covering the entire spectrum from weapons-based techniques, striking with Kickboxing and Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, and submissions through Submission Wrestling. So whatever your weak area is we have a section that can elevate your skills to the next level. The breakdown for the day: 9am - Kids Mixed Martial Arts 10am - Kickboxing/JKD 1130 - Lunch 1pm - Grappling 245pm - Weapons This is one you don't want to miss. Click Here to Register ....

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  • My Most Effective Guard Pass

    My Most Effective Guard Pass

    I thought I would share with you all the Closed Guard Pass that I have used throughout the years and has been very good to me. So here's the video I did on this and I hope you all watch it and take away this core technique that has served me so very well over the years and still works to this day. Click the link for the video https://youtu.be/AJbW5_PECpE Don't forget to comment, like, share and of course, subscribe. ....

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  • President's Day

    Just a friendly reminder that we will not be having in-person classes today, yet we do have classes scheduled to release online at their perspective times. Kickboxing at 930am - https://youtu.be/9TnTAUlP5hA TFC Jujitsu at 430pm and 530pm - https://youtu.be/_3lv0Vtn9bA Submission Wrestling at 630pm - https://youtu.be/0uIA_lNSyWo Enjoy the classes and don't forget to comment when you completed the training for class credit. ....

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  • Sumter's Best is Back!!!

    Sumter's Best is Back!!!

    The time is back to where you get to tell everyone else what you think is the best of the best. This is your chance to cast your vote and tell everyone just how awesome Keishidojo is. Help us get back our title, remember you can vote once a day, and voting goes until the end of February. This should be a direct link to voting so you don't have to search for it. https://www.theitem.com/bestof2022/#/gallery/314817545/?fbclid=IwAR2oENrNngX5JTyLVWMsrO1QxjCz7sxGu2BS4Seq6Bw_jjNTtsOfKqR3apI Let everyone know that Keishidojo is the Best place to train martial arts in Sumter. ....

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  • Schedule Change

    Schedule Change

    Hello everyone, as of February 1st we are making a slight change to the schedule and I'm pretty sure it is going to make a lot of you very happy. We are adding 2 more Youth Martial Arts classes. On Tuesdays and Thursdays at 630pm we will be taking out the Filipino Weapons class, and adding two more TFC Jujitsu classes. These extra classes will be just like the others, we will need members to schedule for them. We are just trying to make it a bit easier as we know some people are having a hard time making it by 530 pm due to busses, work, and the like. TFC Jujitsu Youth Martial Arts Schedule Monday & Wednesday - 430pm and 530pm Tuesday & Thursday - 430pm, 530pm, 630pm As for the ....

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  • Icy Mike Front Kick Workshop

    Icy Mike Front Kick Workshop

    Hey, everyone, Icy Mike from YouTube's Hard2Hurt channel is coming to Keishidojo for a front kick seminar. This is an open event for both kids and adults. Here is the link to get signed up. Please make sure you have boxing gloves, shin guards, mouthpiece, and headgear for the event. Not saying we are for sure going to use everything, but just in case. See everyone on the mats, it's going to be a fun and exciting seminar. https://cp.mystudio.io/e/?=8037958927/1068/306731//1643079581 ....

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  • Fitness Classes on Tuesday & Thursday Evenings

    Fitness Classes on Tuesday & Thursday Evenings

    Let us help you reach your fitness goals. We offer Monday, Wednesday, and Friday fitness kickboxing at 9:30 am. We also have fitness classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 5:30 pm with Shape Up with Shaunna. These fitness classes are at the same time as our youth martial arts class. This is so that any of our parents can feel free to take advantage of the timing to get their own workout in, while their child is getting their own training in the martial arts. These evening fitness classes can range from fitness kickboxing, body sculpting, step aerobics, turbo kickbox, and more. Give the class a try, or see Mrs. Maggie or Shaunna for further details. Finally, we do have a space ....

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  • CORE Workout for Kickboxing, TFC, Filipino Weapons, and Grappling

    CORE Workout for Kickboxing, TFC, Filipino Weapons, and Grappling

    Today for Dr. Martin Luther King Day we have a workout that can be applied to all programs. Here are the 10 Core punches in boxing as well as we do 10 exercises for our "CORE" as well. I have said in the past for kickboxing as well as for TFC Jujitsu that we really need to make sure our "CORE" is strong so we feel strong and confident to keep our hands up. So knockout this workout and don't forget to post in the comments when you get it done. Enjoy the day, and stay warm. https://youtu.be/IX3m-ErwD10 ....

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