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Passing the Guard

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Passing the Guard

Passing the guard is one or the most important tools one should have in the Jui-Jitsu arsenal.  If you can learn how to pass the guard with ease you will take away you’re your opponent’s ability to have control of the fight.  Then add some good control skills to keep your opponent down and your ground fighting skills will increase tremendously.  To enhance your skills of passing the guard, there are a few principles and guidelines to follow.


SPACE:          First Create space to uncross the opponent’s ankles.

Second control while you are in the process of passing the guard.

Third keep your head up during the process.


WEIGHT: Keep your weight centered and on your opponent while passing.


FORMULA:  Here is a simple way to remember where you are in the passing of the guard.


STEP ONE- Establish base and posture.


STEP TWO- Break your opponents guard.


STEP THREE- Secure and control the opponent’s hips.


STEP FOUR- Pass under or over your opponent’s leg.


Understanding these principles and guidelines will improve your skill in passing the guard.  Training and figuring out different ways for you to pass the guard you will find the methods that work best for you.  Next as you learn the ways that work best for you, you will expend less energy and lengthen your fighting times.  



This is an article that was given to me years ago from a student and it still holds true today.

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