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5 Simple Steps to be Successful in your Martial Arts Training

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5 Simple Steps to be Successful in your Martial Arts Training

How to be successful with your martial arts training.

First - Be willing to ask questions. 

Ask the question if you are unsure of a technique, how it is set up, how it is used.  The question you might have very well might answer someone else's question.  100% of the questions that are not asked go unanswered.  

Second - Drill the technique not once, not twice, but as many time as the time will allow. 

Practice, repetition is the true method to being able to perform a technique. 

Even more so when under pressure of competing, testing or even worse the actual physical confrontation on the street.  Do not just perform a technique once or twice and say I have this.  A pitcher does not throw a few pitches for a baseball game and then tell the coach I got this.  No, he practices throwing that ball every day.

Third - Write notes to help your memory. 

There are a lot of techniques that are learned in any one martial arts style.  Not all of us have photographic memories.  That's OK, just take some notes after class, write down what you remember and be specific.  Then as you review those same techniques in the future, you can add to your notes and I promise it will help.  

Fourth - Practice outside of the class. 

Most students only get to train twice a week for about an hour per session.  That's only 2 hours a week.  Just imagine if you only practiced driving 2 hours a week, just how long it would take for you to be good enough to get your license.  Martial arts are no different, put aside some training time at home before the video games, or TV.  It will help in so many aspects of your training.  

Fifth - Try it out during live action training. 

Timing, Distance, Speed, Power, Position, Balance are all elements that need to experienced in real time in order to improve.  Learning 10 new moves a day is cool, although if you are unsure how to use those 10 techniques then those moves are pretty much useless.  When the time comes for sparring, then try to use your new skills and see just what works for you.  

Enjoy, and good luck with your training. 

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