A New Year and a New You

A New Year and a New You

Whether you like it or not 2018 is here. 

If you goals for 2017 were not met or completed then now is the time to jump on it and get things moving in the right direction.  So if weight loss, fitness, self-defense, self-confidence or the goal of earning the coveted Black Belt is something you want to achieve, then let us show you just how Keishidojo can help you reach your goal.  We have a new schedule for 2018 that offers each our our award winning programs Monday - Thursday with alternating times to allow for life.   

We have Women's Kickboxing everyday at 9:30am. This isn't your typical cardio kickboxing, we focus on teaching technique and self-defense just as much as we focus on the fitness aspect.  What this means for you is you will learn self-defense techniques you can actually use, and get fit and lose weight in the process.  That's a Win Win for everyone.  Also if you are on the fence about spending your hard earned dollars to try another fitness program, don't worry, we let you try your first week for FREE.  You won't find a better deal.

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