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  • Thanksgiving JKD Online Lesson

    Thanksgiving JKD Online Lesson

    Here is the online lesson for our JKD or Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do class. Please feel free to let me know what you think of the lesson. https://youtu.be/AHgzq0wJH6I ....

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  • Thanksgiving TFC Class

    Thanksgiving TFC Class

    Here is the Wednesday and Thursday TFC Jujitsu Online class. Don't forget to comment when you finish the lesson so we can give you credit. https://youtu.be/a41ytVR6zZQ ....

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  • Level Up Your Game!

    Level Up Your Game!

    8th degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Coral Belt Carlos Machado is coming to Keishidojo Martial Arts Unleashed on Jan 23rd for a hands-on training workshop. Get 2 hours of next-level training with one of the pioneers that brought the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to the United States. Click the link to register: Youth: https://www.mystudio.academy/e/?=8037958927/1068/306485//1637160903 Adult: https://www.mystudio.academy/e/?=8037958927/1068/305696//1637160943 Bio for Professor Carlos Machado Carlos Machado was one of the pioneers of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsuin the United States of America. A black belt underGracie BarrafounderCarlos Gracie Junior, Carlos Machado came to the USA in ....

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  • Veterans Day TFC Jujitsu Online Class

    Veterans Day TFC Jujitsu Online Class

    Online Makeup Class for Veterans Day. Everyone who is scheduled will get class credit for the day. Also, if your kid/s completes today's lesson to let us know so we can give them extra credit for the lesson. https://youtu.be/rNqI5hlBgNg ....

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  • Fitness Kickboxing Program

    Fitness Kickboxing Program

    If knee strikes, kicks, and punches sound like a blast, give this total-bodyworkouta try. Burn about 350-450 calories an hour as you punch, jab, and kick your way toward better balance, flexibility, coordination, and endurance. You'll slash stress, too. Join us and try our group classes, typically about 45 min. You won't be fighting anyone (unless you're doing kickboxing moves in a martial arts class), but you'll kick and jab at the air and punching bags. Intensity Level: High This is a full-throttle, high-impactworkout. Your legs and arms will be working hard. You’ll rev up your heart rate and keep it up throughout your workout. Areas It Targets ....

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  • Ron Balicki Seminar

    Ron Balicki Seminar

    Ron Balicki is coming back to the Carolinas!!! One day in NC, and another in SC. If you've ever wanted to try Filipino Kali, Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Panantukan (Dirty Boxing), or even Catch Wrestling, then this is the event for you. Ron is one of the highest-ranked and certified instructors from the LEgendary Guro Dan Inosanto in both Filipino Weapons and Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do. Come see what all the fuss is about and get to train with one of the best martial artists to ever come to the Carolinas. Click the link to get signed up. https://www.mystudio.academy/e/?=8037958927/1068/273500//1633821898 ....

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  • Part I - Bruce Lee Did It and You Can Too

    This is a repost and meant to share and spread the word and wisdom of the legend. https://ballersreport.com/detail/bruce-lee-did-it-you-can-too-if-you-follow-his-timeless-wisdom ByShannon Lee In this first installment of a six-part series, Warrior Executive Producer Shannon Lee shares her father’s philosophies on navigating Hollywood . Decades later, it’s easy to look back upon Bruce Lee and see a powerful, barrier-breaking innovator who, against all odds, became a Hollywood success story and ultimately a global icon. But when he was in the midst of accomplishing that, he was a struggling actor, martial artist, and the family man just trying to do his best ....

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  • Six ways ego can limit growth in the Martial Arts

    Six ways ego can limit growth in the Martial Arts

    1. Excessive teaching when drilling It’s one thing to help a white belt struggling through a technique. It is another matter to start reteaching a move after the instructor has just taught it. You are not allowing your partner to even try, fail and fix what he is attempting to learn. People who fall into this ego trap usually can be found say ing, “You work the move the whole time. I’ve seen this before.” Excessive teaching establishes a dominant role between you and your partner and allows you control of the situation and how much you drill. Boxers have seen a jab before. Elite boxers still practice a jab and associated footwork. There is a difference ....

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