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  • Sword and Dagger Training

    Sword and Dagger Training

    One of my favorite things to train from the Filipino Martial Arts system is Espada Y Daga or Sword and Dagger. In this week's Technique Tuesday video Guro JD shows several different options to a single six-count drill. Whether you decide to use the figure 8 series, the abanico pattern or even a redondo drills to get to six strikes with a sword and knife are pretty simple. Now in this video JD substitutes a stick for the sword, but the technique operates the exact same. We hope you enjoy the video and don't forget to give it a like, share it with someone, and as always please subscribe to the channel as it really helps us out. One last thing, we hit 500 subscribers!!! Thank you, everyone. ....

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  • June Newsletter

    June Newsletter

    Happy June everyone, we made it to the halfway point for the year. For many of us the years started off pretty well, then took a crazy turn and for the last few months has been, well, different. We had to skip a promotion cycle, learn online classes and how to navigate that world in a whole new way and even find ways to get you all the services you have come to love from us. Now that school is officially out and summer is upon us, and although we have not been given the green light to completely re-open, I do feel fortunate to be at the state we are at. Several states are just allowing classes to resume (today) in the limited capacity we started weeks ago, and other states have ....

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  • Mini Class Schedule Links

    Mini Class Schedule Links

    Ok everyone, we are re-opening for mini-classes next week here are the scheduling links. There is one link per style and we are asking everyone to only schedule for two classes per week to give everyone a chance to train. We will also be still doing the zoom classes as well as running the Facebook Live classes in their perspective groups. We want to keep everyone safe and still provide the best possible training for all. Finally, for our grapplers we will be adhering to the social distancing guidelines, yet if you have a roommate or live in relative they will be allowed to join you in class for free to be your training partner. Fitness Kickboxing Link: ....

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  • History of Keishidojo

    History of Keishidojo

    To tell the story of Keishidojo, we must first go back a bit. In May 1999, Sensei JD arrives in Japan for his dream assignment for the Air Force and is determined to learn Aikido like Sensei Seagal. After just a few months in the country, JD attends a local Aikido class and was unprepared for how little of his martial arts Japanese would help him in a full class. Getting some help from a few fellow students, yet between the detailed techniques and the language barrier, JD decided to take some language lessons first. Enter Greg, he was a coworker and fellow martial artist. He was taking Aikido on base. Without a doubt, JD went to class that evening and met Sensei AJ Weimer. He started the ....

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  • Spring Break

    Spring Break

    Hello everyone and welcome to Spring Break 2020 Online style. We are continuing all our classes for everyone in all programs. A quick rundown of all the online training we are offering: Monday - Friday - 9:30 am Fitness Kickboxing
    Monday & Wednesday - 11:00 am TFC Jujitsu Tuesday and Thursday - 11:00 am - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Monday - Thursday:
    5:00 pm - TFC Jujitsu 7:00 pm Filipino Martial Arts/Jeet Kune Do 8:00 pm Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Monday - Wednesday - 6:00 pm - Muay Thai Kickboxing
    Thursday 6:00 pm - Mat Chat Please stay safe out there everyone and we will all be together again soon. Looking forward to seeing everyone in person again. ....

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  • Online Classes

    Online Classes

    Hey everyone, We just wanted to make sure everyone knows that we have not missed a beat during this pandemic. We have gone all-in on online training for all of you. Each class is recorded via our Facebook Groups as well as in Zoom online meeting. With the Facebook groups, every student is able to go back a review of the entire class and do the material whenever it works best for yourself. Furthermore, with Zoom, we have the ability to interact with everyone who logs in and participates in the class. Also, we are opening all the classes up to everyone to best accommodate you and your schedule. If you are not already a part of our private Facebook groups just ask for a request to join the ....

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  • CV19 Schedule March 16 - 20th

    CV19 Schedule March 16 - 20th

    Everyone, Until the state makes us close, we will be here for our community. Of course, if you have the ability to keep everyone at home, we highly encourage that, although we also understand not everyone has that option. We are taking every precaution possible to prevent the spread of the virus. We are also putting out videos of each training in order to help out those parents and students that wish to train at home. We have begun a rigorous cleaning process to include wiping down all equipment, the mats after the classes (lunchtime and evening) as well as running our ozone machine every night to purify the air in the gym. Upon entering the gym, we are having each child wash their ....

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  • Knife Fighting Benefit/Tournament

    Knife Fighting Benefit/Tournament

    Come test your skills for a great cause, the MARS Warrior Challange Carolinas is an event that the profits go to support Autism. To make the event even better Sifu Ed will be giving a JKD workshop, Guro JD will be doing a Kali workshop, as well as Cold Steel donated a knife for whoever wins the tournament. The event will be at Metrolina Martial Arts in Concord, NC and the first seminar will kick off at 10 am. All this for just $25!!!! https://www.mystudio.academy/e/?=8037958927/1068/141610///1584109717 ....

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  • March Newsletter

    March Newsletter
    Lady’s Night
    March 6 th at 6 pm we will be hosting our first Lady’s Night Event. It will consist of a series of events specially designed for women. Mrs. Shaunna will be giving a Pilates class, Shidoshi JD will be teaching a Sarong Self-Defense Lesson, and there will also be a nutrition session and a women’s health session. There will also be food and drinks included. This will be a fantastically fun event, so ladies don’t miss out. Sign up now: https://www.mystudio.academy/e/?=8037958927/1068/124094///1582943305 Testing Cycle
    It’s that time again, at the end of this month we will be having our next testing cycle. ....

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  • February Newsletter

    February Newsletter

    First month down, on to February,
    irst up is the launching of our newest program, the Homeschool Martial Arts Class. Every Monday and Wednesday at 11 am for 45 min we will teach martial arts techniques, self-defense skills, fun, and challenging exercises, all while meeting new people and have a ton of fun. We are offering the 1st week for free. As for our new 2020 schedule, we added a couple more classes so here you go. Parent's Night Out
    Don't forget that Valentine's this year is on Friday, we are having our Awesome Parent's Night Out event. Drop off will be at 6pm and pick up will be at midnight. So guys, show your lady off. Take her our for a night on the town, all while ....

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