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JD Olsen

JD Olsen began his martial arts training at age five. Starting with Tae Kwon Do, he quickly fell in love with all things martial arts. Training kicks, punches and forms became a daily routine and JD quickly rose through the ranks. After earning his first black belt, JD was force to switch styles due to the family moving. Starting over in a form of karate called Wado Ki Karate JD again worked his way up to purple belt before having to switch styles again. With just his mother and himself JD was able to put in the time to earn another Black Belt in Shorei Ryu Karate.

Next was a major shift in JD’s life as he entered the U.S. Air Force and was going wherever the military would take him. His first assignment was to Rapid City, South Dakota and while there JD discovered the art of Ninjitsu. Training under the Bujinkan, JD was able to work his way back up the ranks to green belt. Soon JD’s dream of going to Japan came true as the military assigned him to Yokota Air Base located in Tokyo.

While in Japan, JD tried his hand at traditional Aikido, but not being able to speak fluent Japanese made this extremely difficult. Then a co-worker introduced JD to Progressive Martial Arts Black Belt, and founder of the Martial Arts Unlimited Association, AJ Weimer. Instantly he was hooked and began regular classes, as well as volunteering to help with any testing or demos possible. Staying dedicated he was able to earn the coveted Black Belt in multiple martial arts this time. In 2003 JD opened his first martial arts school, while teaching on Yokota AB.

In 2004 the military reassigned JD and his family to Sumter SC where he began teaching on Shaw AFB, then opening the Keishidojo Martial Arts & Fitness Center. Keishidojo has hosted seminars to include Martial Arts Unlimited founder A.J. Weimer, Sifu Ron Balicki, Guro Diana Lee Inosanto, Professor Helio Soneca and MMA fighter Derrick Kennington. There has also been countless in house seminars to include our own specialized women’s self defense course called BACK OFF!, youth bully proof seminars, karate competition seminars, and sword seminars. Finally we have also hosted a fair amount of in house tournaments with the most popular being our own BJJ/grappling absolute tournament.

One of his numerous rankings and areas of expertise include: 4th Degree in Aikido, Karate, All Japan Submission Fighting, Zentai-Jitsu, Modern Kali, 2nd Degree in Submission Arts Wrestling (SAW), 1st Degree in Pankration, and Tae Kwon Do, Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as well as in Catch Wrestling, Advanced Level 4 Filipino Martial Arts, Intermediate Level 2 Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, and Green Prajoud in Thai Boxing.

Besides running the Martial Arts Unlimited Association’s worldwide programs as Director, JD is also a current affiliate member under Sifu Ron Balicki and his Martial Arts Research System, Professor Helio Soneca with his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program, in addition to Carlos Machado. JD is also a member of the All Japan Joint Technique Federation.

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