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  •  in Sumter - Keishidojo Martial Arts & Fitness Center - 5 Simple Steps to be Successful in your Martial Arts Training

    5 Simple Steps to be Successful in your Martial Arts Training

    How to be successful with your martial arts training. First - Be willing to ask questions. Ask the question if you are unsure of a technique, how it is set up, how it is used. The question you might have very well might answer someone else's question. 100% of the questions that are not asked go unanswered. Second - Drill the technique not once, not twice, but as many time as the time will allow. Practice, repetition is the true method to being able to perform a technique. Even more so when under pressure of competing, testing or even worse the actual physical confrontation on the street. Do not just perform a technique once or twice and say I have this. A pitcher does not throw a ....

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  • Referral Program

    New Student Referral Program
    Watch a Class
    + Refer a friend that comes to watch class – Get a $5 coupon for testing, private lessons, or merchandise + Refer 3 friends to come to watch a class in the same month – Get a free t-shirt Complete a Starter Course
    + Refer a friend that completes the starter course – Coupon for 15% off any event, merchandise or private lesson + Refer 3 friends that complete the starter course within the same month – Get a coupon for a Free 30 min private lesson New Member Registration
    + Refer a friend that registers for classes – Get a coupon for a 1-hour private lesson + Refer 3 friends that join the dojo within the same ....

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  •  in Sumter - Keishidojo Martial Arts & Fitness Center - Success


    Our Youth Martial Arts program helps your child be more successful. Not just in school or at home but in life. Check out our youth programs any Mon - Thur starting at 5pm. We have striking and grappling programs for whichever you or your child prefer. ....

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  •  in Sumter - Keishidojo Martial Arts & Fitness Center - 7 Benefits of Kickboxing

    7 Benefits of Kickboxing

    Kickboxing is a sport that combinesthe punching techniques of boxing with the kicking techniques of karate. It was introduced in the 1970s by karate champions Joe Lewis and Chuck Norris. Until few years back, Kickboxing was viewed as a male-dominated form of exercise.However, over the past few years, this scenario has changed. Kickboxing has gained immense popularity among women after numerous celebrities included it in their fitness regime. It is not mundane like running on a treadmill. Kickboxing includes boxing maneuvers and cardio elements for providing a total body workout. This article discusses 7 benefits of kickboxing for women: 1. Ideal for self-defense
    Learning to ....

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  •  in Sumter - Keishidojo Martial Arts & Fitness Center - Lady's Valentine's Special

    Lady's Valentine's Special

    In honor of Valentine's Day we here at Keishidojo are giving all lady's a special offer for this month. Ge the 1st month for just $19.99 and 20% Off the regular monthly tuition. Offer applies to lady's only for any of our programs such as Karate, Kickboxing, Filipino Martial Arts or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu during the month of February. ....

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  •  in Sumter - Keishidojo Martial Arts & Fitness Center - Valentine's Ninja Night Out

    Valentine's Ninja Night Out

    We have our annual Valentine's Parents Night Out Event coming up Feb 9th. This event will be Ninja Themed Parent's this is just for you, drop the kids off at 6pm and enjoy a night out without worry. We have plenty of games, snacks and events to keep them occupied until you come and pick them back up at 10pm. This is a special event for Valentine's Day where we watch the kids and let you enjoy Valentine's Day without having to look for a sitter or not sure of what your kid/s will be doing. We have battle ball, infection, obstacle course, ninja rolling school and more planned for the night. No video games, just fun games in a friendly and safe environment. Cost: $25 for the 1st child ....

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  •  in Sumter - Keishidojo Martial Arts & Fitness Center - Bully Proof

    Bully Proof

    Are you tired of dealing with the schools and the growing bully problems? Stop waiting for others to make something happen and take control of the situations and get your child into one of our martial arts programs. We offer Karate or Jiu-Jitsu for ages 5 and up. We teach techniques to help deal with the bully as well as the give your child new found confidence where future bully issues will fade away. We can't control what other people do or how the schools will handle the issues, however, what we can do is teach your child the necessary skills to protect themselves and have control of the outcome. ....

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  •  in Sumter - Keishidojo Martial Arts & Fitness Center - Women's Self-Defense Seminar

    Women's Self-Defense Seminar

    Alright Ladies, February is ladies month here at Keishidojo. To show our appreciation for all that you do we are kicking off the month with a Women's Self-Defense Seminar. This is an open event that anyone ages 13 and older can attend. Previous experience is not necessary. Just bring your workout clothes and your friend, we will provide the rest. Date: Feb 3rd Time: 12pm Location: Keishidojo Martial Arts & Fitness Center Cost: Bring a Friend ....

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  •  in Sumter - Keishidojo Martial Arts & Fitness Center - A New Year and a New You

    A New Year and a New You

    Whether you like it or not 2018 is here.
    If you goals for 2017 were not met or completed then now is the time to jump on it and get things moving in the right direction. So if weight loss, fitness, self-defense, self-confidence or the goal of earning the coveted Black Belt is something you want to achieve, then let us show you just how Keishidojo can help you reach your goal. We have a new schedule for 2018 that offers each our our award winning programs Monday - Thursday with alternating times to allow for life. We have Women's Kickboxing everyday at 9:30am. This isn't your typical cardio kickboxing, we focus on teaching technique and self-defense just as much as we focus on the ....

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